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Find Leading Stocks Service
  •  This is where Etrade routes their clients NYSE orders for execution. 
  •  Not 1 order was routed to the NYSE
  • G1 and others pay for the orders. The faster Etrade accounts lose their money, the more firms like G1 and Citadel pay for the order flow. 
  • ' But I have an account with ETrade , TD, Fidelity. Should I transfer and is there a broker not doing this??
  •  NO. These firms are smart enough to know about 50 Park and the few  others that turn their clients into skilled profitable traders. They monitor the trading and tell the broker not to route these clients order to us anymore. 
  •  When you get your daily statements, did your trades execute at Nasdaq or Wolverine Securities.
What Data Do You Review Before Executing A Trade. 
People who tell you they will teach you their system that turned $1,000 into $1,000,000 are offerring the exact statistical chance of success you would get from someone teaching you their Black Jack system. When hedge funds put on million dollar trades, they have the smartest people they can find compile all the relevant data to create a stock report. We provide you with those stock reports every weekend. 
 Our analysts spend all week putting stock reports together. Our CEO and Portfolio Manager, Adam Sarhan, reviews them Friday and Saturday. After he approves, two reports are created. One for our fund traders. The second for our President, Salvatore Recco, who ensures everything in the report is clear to our clients. The images on these pages are a small sample of what is included in every stock report.
There are no frms in the market that want to be on the other side of a 50 Park Trade. When you join 50 Park, they will have that same feeling of shock and dissappointment after the trade executes and they find it came from a 50 park client. They profit from the pennies in between the bid and the ask. You profit from knowing where the stock is going. They know this. So they made $1 executing a trade for $500,000 but sold a stock 50 Park is buying.....
What You Get When You Add Find Leading Stocks
What Else FLS Provides That Gives You An Edge
  •  Our Model Portfolio - Stop missing big stocks. Know exactly when to buy and sell. This way you can maximize profit opportunities and minimize risk. We provide the trigger prices we use in our model portfolio.
  •   Advanced Buy and Sell Points - 50 Park uses advanced buy and sell points to get ahead of the crowd and always looks to define/reduce its risk in the market. Before a trade is entered, the service will tell you the exact buy and sell price before the market opens each week.
  •  List Of Leading Stocks In The Market - Better stocks mean better results. Get a list of the strongest stocks in the market directly to your inbox each Sunday to get ahead of the trading week.
  •  Intra-Week Updates - Track new and trending market developments with intra-week updates that identify new setups and outline entry/exit points.
  •  Independent Stock Ratings - Our technology calculates strong financials, chart pattern recognition, and investor psychology all before the stock soars. 
The global trading community has joined 50 Park because we create profitable traders. We believe in complete transparency when it comes to our method and activity right down to the penny. 
Find leading stocks
Billed annually, no set up fee.
  • 10 Stock Set Ups, actionable trade ideas, market analysis and intra-week updates
  • Peace of Mind Knowing You Are Not Alone In The Market
  • Save 10% Instantly 
Billed monthly, no set up fee
  • 10 Stock Set Ups,  actionable trade ideas, market analysis and intra-week updates
  • Peace of Mind Knowing You Are Not Alone In The Market
  • Save 10% Instantly 
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